Your wedding night should be a night for you to remember, and the planning process can become daunting. One of the most shocking features about planning a wedding is realizing how expensive one night can be.

Other than limiting your guest list, there are a couple of factors to take into account to reduce the cost of the wedding, and it could be time-consuming to gather all of your resources.

We are happy to provide you some insights, and with our five guides, it will help you save more money on your wedding night while still looking like you spent a lot.

1. Save Money On Wedding Invitations

Consider sending email wedding invitations for being environmentally conscious and to save money and time. Say goodbye to manually putting all the invitations into the envelopes, sealing the envelopes, and mailing them off. Other than the financial aspects of online invitations, the best part of it is that the process of creating and sending out invitations is easy and quick.

Here are a couple resources:
Pingg (PAID): Provides predesigned invitations and the option to upload your own creation. Will send invitations and store RVSPs.
Evite (FREE): Easy website to navigate. The free option will have ads in the email.

2. Save Money For Your Honeymoon

Let’s jump ahead and talk about the honeymoon! Instead of having a wedding registry, inform your guests that you prefer their money going towards your honeymoon funds.

3. Save Money On Centerpieces

This is where the fun begins. Have a wine night with your friends and be creative. Combine ideas on how to design your centerpieces. Expand from the traditional arranged flower centerpieces to edible treats, origami centerpiece, seashell centerpiece, succulents, or making the party favors as a centerpiece! Mix your centerpieces with floral scented candles and lovely, antique vases.

4. Save Money On Flowers

Think of flowers as an accent piece, not something to cover every corner of your wedding – it is the bride’s night to shine after all! Try going to your local grocery store like Costsco or Meijer. Alternatively, going to your local flower store, such as Flowerland or New Design Floral , is also a great option to find what you need at a better price tag. People attending your wedding won’t know where they came from.

5. Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

You will wear your wedding dress once, maybe for eight hours, for a high price tag. Consider purchasing a secondhand dress for the fraction of the original cost. Check your local stores for secondhand gowns, such as Second Dance and Between Brides Boutique. If the local stores do is not an option for you or you need more variety, then here are some online resources: OnceWedStillWhite, and Nearly Newlywed. Another option is renting your gown at Rent The Runway.